Orange marmalade

Code: CSC327
Net Weight : 340 g - 11.99 oz
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Marmalade prepared with orange fruits and cane sugar. It is firm and has a delicate taste, almost like a fruit dessert. To spread on bread, garnish cakes and ice cream.


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 59% average fruit quantity in 100 g (percentage may vary according to the production’s lot)

How to use

To spread on bread, as a filling for croissants, to stuff tarts and cakes, to sweeten yogurt.


Orange tree is though to be Chinese, but it will be the Arabs to introduce it in Europe and Sicily under their rule. Greek myths tell that oranges were Juno’s dowry to Jupiter, protected in a garden by the Nymphs, girls with the sweetest voice. We produce this marmalad with oranges and cane sugar.

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