Passion and conscience to delight you every day

We are a team that works with passion, in a small family business that has always done this and where everyone is personally committed. We believe in what we do and in the quality of our products. We only prepare products that we also enjoy eating.

Every day, we source the freshest vegetables, the healthiest and juiciest fruit and the tastiest meat, from the best farmers and growers we can find. Many of whom we have known for a long time. Others we continue to search for and discover.

Care for choice,
passion for work

We personally select each raw material, doing so with love for a job well done and to ensure the authentic taste that each of our specialities must have.
We use these ingredients to prepare recipes that we continue to refine:
they are traditional recipes, from the Langhe region, Piedmont region and the best regional and rural cuisines of Italy, with little flashes of innovation, where appropriate.
We are never driven by a desire to impress, but rather by a commitment to delight the palate of discerning gourmets.
Preparing everything in a healthy way.

This is how we bring, to the shelves of your supermarket, the specialities and quality that you would otherwise only find in delicatessen shops or sophisticated grocery stores.

All made in "our house".
The secret of a Cascina with no secrets.

Did you know that we produce everything (honestly, everything) on our Cascina? It is the faithful heir of a Benedictine abbey that has occupied this plot of land in the Alba countryside since around the year 1000. We work on it with pleasure and passion, all of us together, because each of us has the life of the fields and the love of good food in our DNA. Elio Rossetto grew up cultivating, on his family’s land, which has been farmed for generations, the same types of vegetables and fruits that go into our preserves today.

Why should you trust in us? Because we are the first to believe in what we do! We will never try to offer you a speciality if we are not fully convinced of it ourselves. What we offer is what goes on our tables at homes too.

We believe in flavour, we believe in the land.
This is why you can trust in us.

We care for the land around us, as our mothers and fathers have always done. We practice environmental sustainability because our future depends on our love of the earth: both as citizens of the planet and as a small company dedicated to natural food of the highest quality.

With us, you can always “know you can trust”. We guarantee complete transparency on what we produce. Read the label of our specialities. Look at our website to see what lies behind the products and flavours we bring to your – and our own – tables.

Green Company

Cascina San Cassiano is committed to improving the environmental performance of its ecosystem protection activities.
We have had important eco-compatible results both from the point of view of environmental impact and from that of saving and energetic efficiency.

Every day, all our collaborators are committed to achieving the common goal: to be part of a virtuous company from an ecological and environmental point of view, to contribute dynamically and actively to safeguarding the environment.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”
(Native American Proverb)

Our energy requirement is 100% self-produced!

Through the adoption of photovoltaic panels, we use renewable energy to power the production line: we self-consume what we produce!
Every year, our plant produces around 100,000 kwh for a saving of approximately 43,320 kg of Co2.

We are recyclable and reusable!

We support the development of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, using only recyclable packaging.
Our products are all packed in glass jars that they guarantee the health and quality of the food. The closure of the packaging is guaranteed by the aluminum caps which are also recoverable.

No to waste, yes to reuse

We do not put polluting fumes in the air and organic production waste is used as fertilizer for our agricultural land where we produce organic hazelnuts.