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Veganism is an ideological movement: it foresees the adoption of a lifestyle based on the choice and use of resources not coming from the animal world.
In a different way, the vegan is interested in different areas in defense of animal exploitation: from conscious nutrition, without products of animal origin, to the choice of clothing, to home and personal hygiene, to the choice of one’s own hobby and leisure time management.
The vegan diet incluedes a diet based on cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit and seeds; it excludes meat, fish and all animal products (milk, eggs, honey and all derivatives).
Cascina San Cassiano offers a broad portfolio of vegan products, ideal for those who adopt a healthy and conscious diet, not giving up taste and variety, for those who choose to experiment every day and for those who prefer only high quality products, 100% natural.
Our vegan products are certified and bear the Iveg logo on the label.

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