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Receipt Cacio e pepe mania

Over the years, the “pasta cacio e pepe” has become a veritable institution of typical Roman and Italian recipes.
On the social networks and on the kitchen channels there are several variations on the traditional recipe. The main ingredients are exclusively Romano Pecorino cheese (cacio) and black pepper.
Cascina San Cassiano offers its exquisite “Cacio” cheese and pepper creamy sauce, inspired by the traditional recipe of Roman shepherds who seasoned their meals with cacio (sheep-milk cheese) and black pepper. During the seasonal migration shepherds took with them spaghettis, cacio cheese and black peppers, because this spice enhances the protection from the cold, while the ripe cheese is easier to preserve and pasta assures the right intake of carbs.
We prepare this cream with black pepper and Romano Pecorino PDO cheese.
Ready for your pasta!
Try the cream also in different recipes, as a sauce for your risottos or to prepare fun dishes that will please the whole family.



Risotto with “Cacio” cheese and black pepper creamy sauce
Cacio cheese and pepper meatballs