Tomato sauce with vegan meatballs

Code: CSC606
Net Weight : 290 g - 10.23 oz
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Sauce made with soft vegetable meatballs and 100% Italian tomatoes. This is an alternative sauce for vegan people for seasoning  spaghetti.


  • Gluten free
  • Vegan

How to use

Ideal with spaghetti and any other type of pasta. To be poured directly on the drained pasta, or blow up the pasta directly into the sauce. The Meatball sauce is also recommended as a second course to pair with vegetables. Also try it on bread, for a tasty snack.


The origin of the meatballs is uncertain, but contrary to what you can imagine, they are not Italian: the most accredited sources consider them originating from Persia: the kofta which means “pounded meat”, are typical Middle Eastern meatballs. In the fifteenth century the word “polpette” meatball was introduced for the first time in Italy by Martino da Como, and indicated the veal pulp. During the time, as the cost of meat was very high, they start to prepare also meatballs based vegetables.

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