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Tomato sauce with Speck and Asiago cheese PDO

Code: CSC607
Net Weight : 190 g - 6.70 oz
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100% Italian tomato sauce with Asiago PDO cheese and cubed Speck. It’ taste is reach. This is a Ready to eat sauce for many recipes.


  • Gluten Free
  • Ready to eat

How to use

Ideal as a condiment for any first course. To be poured directly on the drained pasta. It is recommended to heat the sauce over a low heat before use, to enhance the creaminess and aroma of the Asiago POD and the taste of speck, and blow up the pasta directly into the sauce. Try it also on pizza.


Asiago PDO cheese was born in the alpine pastures of the Asiago plateau, in the Veneto region (Italy), as early as the 11th century. Its taste is intense and round, and it is produced with cow’s milk. Asiago has always been accompanied by speck, a smoked salami produced in the same areas of Asiago cheese.

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