High in protein tomato sauce with vegetable balls

Code: CSC109
Net Weight : 290 g - 10.23 oz
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High in protein sauce made with soft vegetable balls and 100% italian tomatoes. This is an alternative sauce for vegan people to
season spaghetti.




  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • 6g of protein every 100g of product
  • High in fiber

How to use

The sauce is ready to be poured directly onto freshly drained pasta. To enhance the quality of the ingredients, it is advisable to heat it over a low heat or in the microwave, after opening the jar and removing the capsule. Try it also on bread or as a sauce for stewed foods or as a main course together with mashed potatoes.


Athletes in sports such as rugby, weightlifting, or track and field sprinters often adopt a protein-based diet. Performance in power sports requires the athlete to have a significant muscle structure. A diet rich in protein promotes an increase in lean muscle mass, stabilizes insulin levels, stimulates lipolysis and increases the basal metabolic rate: all factors that contribute to the reduction of body fat without perceptible decreases in the body’s ability to develop energy. This is why the high-protein diet is adopted by sportsmen and women and those who train regularly in the gym.


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