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Mixed fruit mustard (whole fruit)

Code: CSC2531
Net Weight : 280 g - 9.88 oz
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Fruit mustard prepared with different fruits sweet and spicy. To pair with half-ripened or blue cheese, formaggio di fossa, toma and robiola cheese, red meat.


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free

How to use

Ideal as a combination with boiled meats, roasts, semi-seasoned cheeses or on bread.


The “mustard” is known since 1288, when the expression “mustum ardens” appears in a French manuscript to define the must or wine, “set on fire (ardens)” by adding flour of mustard seeds: this mixture allowed to better preserve fruits. The diffusion of “mostarda” in Italy spread just from the XVI century onwards, as a Christmas dish especially. Prepariamo questa mostarda con frutti misti interi.

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