8 fruits jam

Code: CSC303
Net Weight : 340 g - 11.99 oz
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Original jam prepared with a mix of sun-ripened fruit and brown sugar. This “extra” jam has a balanced taste between sweet and sour notes that make it perfect for filling cakes and cookies, garnishing ice cream; it is excellent spread on bread or to accompany cheeses.


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 83% average fruit quantity in 100 g (percentage may vary according to the production’s lot)

How to use

Jam to enjoy spread on bread, as a filling for croissants, to stuff cakes and tarts, accompany ice cream. It is excellent paired with cheeses. Store the jar in the refrigerator after opening.


Fruit salad has Balkan origins and takes its name from the region of the same name with a strong agricultural vocation. Fruit salad originated as a popular dessert made from a mixture of cubed fruit and seasoned with sugar and lemon juice, and was originally intended to avoid wasting fruit that could not be sold at the market because it was imperfect. Today, fruit salad is used worldwide in the basic recipe or enhanced with cream, ice cream or syrups. Fruit salad is very energetic and digestible, which is why in summer or hot regions it is used as a meal replacement too.

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