Tiramisù spread

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Net Weight : 140 g - 4.94 oz
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Typical Italian spread prepared with mascarpone. To eat as a dessert, on ice cream, to fill cakes and biscuits and to prepare Tiramisù: alternate a lay of finger biscuits soaked with bitter coffee and cover with tiramisù cream.


  • Gluten free

How to use

Ideal for spreading on bread or biscuits, the cream is excellent as a filling for croissants and sweet crêpes. Also try it on ice cream and yogurt. To enhance the quality of the ingredients, it is recommended to mix well before use.


Tiramisù is the most known Italian dessert in the world, prepared with layers of biscuits soaked in coffee, alternating with a cream based on mascarpone eggs and sugar. Tiramisù was said to originate in Treviso in the second half of the eighteenth / nineteenth century, conceived by a “maitresse” of a house of pleasure in Treviso. This lady would have designed this sweet aphrodisiac and invigorating to offer it to her customers at the end of the evenings in order to reinvigorate them and solve the problems related to marital duties at the time of their return to the family. To the customers who left the rooms, where they had entertained themselves with young ladies, La metresse offered this dessert by saying “I’ll pull you up”, I’ll pull you up, hence the name Tiramisù.

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