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Marron spread

Code: CSC300
Net Weight : 350 g - 12.35 oz
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Fine marron spread prepared exclusively with two ingredients: marrons and sugar. To spread on bread, fill cakes, meringues, garnish pudding or ice cream.


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 70% di frutta*

How to use

To spread on bread, as a filling for croissants, to stuff tarts and cakes, to sweeten yogurt and ice cream.


Do you know the difference between chestnut and marron? The first is the fruit of the wild tree, while the second comes from a cultivated tree. In the shell of the chestnut can be found from 1 to 7 fruits, while in that of the marron from 1 to 3. Chestnuts are small, witha dark skin, while marrons are bigger and sweeter, heart-shaped and with a clearer skin. We prepare this delicacy just with marrons and cane sugar.

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