Extra traditional preserves

Sour black cherry extra preserve

Code: CSC351
Net Weight : 340 g - 11.99 oz
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Extra preserve prepared with sour black cherries and cane sugar. To spread on bread, garnish cakes, with white yogurt or to pair with ricotta cheese or mascarpone. It goes very well on toasted buttered bread.


  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 80% di frutta*

How to use

To spread on bread, as a filling for croissants, to stuff tarts and cakes, to sweeten yogurt.


The origin of the sour black cherry tree is uncertain. Somebody thinks that it comes from Western Asia or Estern Europe, while others deem it as European endemic, due to findings of cherry seeds in prehistorical sites from Central Europe. According to tales, the tree was brought to Italy by a roman general, Luculus, famous for his luxurious feasts: it was him who planted the fisrt tree in his very garden, around 65 BC.

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