Baked sardines



Cooking instructions:
chop the garlic, onion and fennel. Pour the mix into a bowl in which the sardines were arranged beforehand, add the breadcrumbs and salt without adding oil. Take the 3 squares of foil film, Arrange the sardines, add 2 black olives alla marchigiana Cascina San Cassiano and close the film as to form a wrapping. Place the 3 packages on baking sheet and bake at 180 ° C for about 10 minutes. When the fish is cooked, leave it in the oven to maintain it warm. Serve 15 minutes later. The taste of the fish will be really natural and light since it has been cooked without added fat, superb will be the contrast with the black olives alla marchigiana! Ideal dish in combination with a good rosé wine.

Author: Giancarla
Blog: Cuoche a casa tua

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