Lemon and ginger marmalade

Marmalade prepared with lemon fruits, ginger and cane sugar. It is firm and has a delicate taste, almost like a fruit dessert. To spread on bread, to garnish cakes and ice cream or paired with cheeses, especially seasoned and spicy ones.



  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 32% fruit content*


* average fruit quantity in 100 g (percentage may vary according to the production’s lot)

Code: CSC356

Net weight:170 g - 5,997 oz

Lemon and ginger

Ginger, with its slightly spicy taste, originates from India adn Malaysia, and thrives at tropical latitudes but can be cultivated also indoors. In the traditional oriental medicine, it is used as a cure. To prepare this preserve we use lemon and ginger only.

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