Sour black cherry preserve

Preserve sweetened with Stevia. Low calories and full taste, it is suited for vegetarians and vegans, because instead of pectine of animal origin we use agar-agar, an algae with gelifying power. To spread on bread, garnish cakes and sweets, to enrich ice cream, with white yogurt.



  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • 80% fruit content*
  • 54 kcal**


* average fruit quantity in 100 g (percentage may vary according to the production’s lot)
** average kilocalories value in 100 g

Code: CSC340

Net weight:200 g - 7,055 oz

Sour black cherries and stevia

This preserve is prepared with just fruit, agar-agar (a sea-weed) and sweetened with stevia and Erythritol, 2 natural sugar-free sweeterns. Stevia is a leaf with a sweet taste, already farmed in South America 500 years ago.

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