BBQ 1 – Orange (tomato and orange)

Tasty sweet and sour sauce, ideal to enrich griled meat or to garnish french fries.



  • Vegan
  • Gluten free

Code: CSC1540

Net weight:270 g - 9,523 oz

Tomato and orange

Tomato comes from Southern and Central America, and arrived in Europe thanks to Hernan Cortés in 1540: as early as in 1544, there are documental evidences of its farming in Italy, in the territories of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Souther regions. At first it was thought to be poisonous, and used just for decorative purposes, but at last in the XVIIIth century tomatoes started to be eaten and its farming rose steeply. Orange tree is though to be Chinese, but it will be the Arabs to introduce it in Europe and Sicily under their rule. Greek myths tell that oranges were Juno's dowry to Jupiter, protected in a garden by the Nymphs, girls with the sweetest voice. To prepare this BBQ sauce we use tomatoes and oranges only.

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